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The Power Shift

In a world where advice, information and theories are abundant, The Power Shift is like a breath of fresh air, stepping away from the new age movement and seeing the real results of miracles and happiness in our homes and everyday lives.

With the application of 5 transformational principles, you will find your story and discover the path to your true happiness and inner freedom.

The Power Shift deals with the things that matter the most to us; our families, our children, our partners, our dreams and our aspirations. Life is all about our relationships, with the deepest being our relationship with ourselves. Through powerful demonstration, you will begin to enter a new world of love and beauty only true principles can create.

Having suffered from anorexia and bulimia and severe anxiety in her early twenties, it was Elle Wilson’s later recovery and reach into the lives of women around the world that truly changed her life.

Wilson provides insight into how The Power Shift phenomena is truly bringing together the ancient codes and laws into our everyday lives, resolving our problems with a deeper honesty and love, and enhancing and building the relationships with those around us.

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