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The Story of The Streets

A compelling collection of stories compiled by Agape Outreach INC founder Theresa Mitchell

Have you ever stopped to really consider what it’s like to be homeless in Australia?

Homelessness does not discriminate; no one is immune – all people, from all walks of life, including families, children and the elderly, are at risk. In fact, statistics show we are all just one major trauma away from being homeless ourselves.

In this honest and raw collection of real-life stories, you’ll discover some heart-felt truths of life on the streets, and how small acts of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life.

Agape Outreach founder, Therese Mitchell, takes you on an emotional and compassionate journey and poses the question, ‘can we do more to ensure everyone has access to food, water, clothing and shelter?’

In Australia today, it’s easy to see the number of people living on the streets is increasing – it’s right in front of eyes. The question is, when you see someone in need, how can you help … and will you?

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