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The PRODUCTPRENEUR Success Planner

Being a Productpreneur is all about creating successful buisnesses by building brands and growing sales, both online and wholesale.

Through her best-selling coaching academy and online courses for Product-based businesses, thriving Facebook community of Rockstar Productpreneurs, and popular Blog, Catherine inspires a community of confident entrepreneurs growing successful and profitable product-based businesses. As well as starting, building and selling her own product-based businesses, Catherine brings over two decades of professional experience working in advertising and digital design agencies with clients such as Coca Cola, Blackmores, RMK Shoes and Microsoft. Catherine now helps Productpreneurs around the world who are motivated and ambitious to scale and grow their businesses.

Catherine’s unique process, tailored to those who are running product businesses (eCommerce and wholsale), allows you to get your brand noticed as well as grow an army of raving fans both online and offline.

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