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The Guardian


The long awaited third and final chapter in the thrilling conclusion to Mickey Martin’s Trilogy of bestselling, The Given and Dark Angel

After spending a decade within the walls of her safe haven, The Given, Lilliana Night must flee her home at the facility and re-enter the outside world once again in her fight for justice and to protect the one she loves.

Lilliana has no choice but to leave behind all she knows—and the man she loves—in order to do her part to eradicate one of the world’s most vilest of criminals’.

Will her self-sacrifice for the greater good allow her to return home to her loved ones? Or will the evil that still walks the Earth be her ultimate undoing?

Decency dances on a dangerous stage with depravity and the results could be explosive.

A pulsating dark romance that is gripping and addictive right from the start. The Guardian flowed smoothly from The Given to Dark Angel, and my only disappointment was that this is the last book of the series. Hands down one of the best trilogies I have ever read. ~Louise Manna.

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