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The Enchanted Oak Tree

Open the antique gate and enter a secret garden where a world of enchantment and wonder awaits…Children will delight in this charming tale about an old oak tree that is not what it seems, for frolicking fairies make their home among its sheltering branches.

When the fairies spy from on high that Lily the Lamb is in trouble they discover it will take more than a sprinkle of magic dust to free her.

Perhaps the Butterfly Catchers will know what to do. Can they help to return calm and harmony to the Secret Garden and all the creatures who dwell in it? Will they come to see the old oak tree for what it truly is – the heart of this special place?

An enchanting, heart-warming tale from Sarah, Duchess of York.

$19.95$26.95 inc. GST

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Hard cover, Soft cover (special edition)


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