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The Art of Risk and Reward

Have you ever wondered how some of the world’s most successful business owners got to where they are today? Ever struggled with the overwhelming call to carve your own path, but can’t quite push past the fear of taking a huge risk? The Art of Risk and Reward brings together brilliant minds from all over the world, to share their individual trials and tribulations – how they each battled risk and the fear of failure, and became incredibly successful entrepreneurs, business moguls, and leaders of today.

A call to quit your low-paying job to pursue your dream and build to a six-figure income …

The underlying fire burning your beneath your intuition your whole life, to drop everything that isn’t bringing you success …

To embark on a journey to find your true meaning …

Upending your family to venture out on a life-changing journey towards giving and aiding the less fortunate, ending a new life purpose …

Come follow the journey of Shelly Yorgesen and some of the Executive Networking Events’ inner circle to and out how they fought past the obstacles in life holding them back, how they formulated and transformed their willingness to take risks, and ultimately how their biggest risks resulted in an abundance of rewards: monetarily awarding, life-defining, world-changing.

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