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The Adventures of Charlie, Blue and Larry Lamp Post

Charlie and his best friend Blue have a secret.

Mum thinks they stay tucked snugly in bed every night. She doesn’t know about Larry the Lamp Post, who takes them on a galactic adventure to explore the skies after dark.

Each evening the friends gallop through the night sky finding out about a different constellation, leaving trail of light from Larry the Lamp Post’s magical glow.

Charlie can’t believe his luck. He has always loved the stars. Now he wonders if perhaps a little stardust landed on his head.

Join him and his friends on this magical adventure and see where it takes you!

Charlie, Blue and Larry the Lamp Post is a charming story from Sarah, Duchess of York about hope, friendship and shining a light into the darkness. It includes constellation facts and a special message to children to hold onto their curiosity about the wonders of this world we share.

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