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Ten Pathways: A framework for redefining happiness

Beautifully illustrated in colour.


This heartfelt, smart, and practical book will help you feel better from the very first page. Fleur Chambers has a remarkable gift for offering super-effective ideas and tools in a warm, down-to-earth, and encouraging voice. Plus it’s just beautiful. This is a gem.

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

Blurb: We live in a world where we are taught to resist our pain. There’s a subtle expectation that we will push it aside or squash it down, so we can get back to striving towards the “good life” – an imaginary place free of disappointment, regret, insecurity, or any other uncomfortable emotion.

Pain is part of the human experience. We all have challenges, setbacks and tough times. By denying or resisting it we are also robbing ourselves of the deeper lessons these experiences have for us. A happy life is not found in the absence of pain but rather, in being with these moments with such curiosity, courage, and compassion that they transform into our greatest teachers. When we take these lessons into our ordinary everyday lives, our days feel more interesting and meaningful. We feel more vibrant and alive.

Fleur Chambers is a multi-award-winning, internationally-recognised meditation teacher and creator of The Happy Habit App. Her offerings have been downloaded close to two million times in 40 different countries around the world.

In this uplifting and life-changing guide, Fleur reveals her ten pathway framework for re-defining happiness in a way that will allow you to safely meet your pain, access its wisdom, and embrace all of life — including the parts which caught you by surprise!

Fleur’s gentle and down-to-earth style combined with her ability to laugh at herself and the human experience has encouraged people all across the globe to befriend themselves and their lives. Come take a walk to a new version of happiness.

“Happiness is not the absence of pain but rather, a willingness to meet these experiences with such a level of curiosity, courage, and compassion that they transform into great teachers. 

When we cultivate our capacity to be with and learn from our challenges, we are rewarded with a life that appears to be in high definition.”

Fleur Chambers

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