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Soul Keepers of Glenormiston South

Set in the stunning region of the Western District – Soul Keepers of Glenormiston South: A Victoria Collection Novel.

Mother Earth has been cruelly impacted by the uncaring and the ignorant. Her foundation is wavering, her biodiversity declining. Humanity is failing her, and malicious forces are working to ensure that evil continues to reign. The demise of the planet is imminent…unless a saviour can answer her cry for help.

That saviour is Angel Cloud.

Along with her family of royal-souls, known as the Soul Keepers of Glenormiston South, they fight the malevolent Veins; a vile species who spread chaos and destruction throughout the world, devouring all in their path. But Angel soon discovers that not all who are born from evil, become it.

All Angel desires is to help and heal every soul. But even Soul Keepers must obey the laws laid down by the High Council; to disobey is to be punished. Although she struggles to follow these rules, Angel soon discovers why she, especially, must be protected: a powerful Vein has come to Glenormiston South. One who seeks to destroy everything she loves.

Under the guidance of her blood-sibling, Michael, and his soul-sibling, Bowie, Angel must learn to harness her immense power and unite with the one person who can help her reach her full potential; her soul-partner. Only then will she be able to do what she was born to do—save the world. With her soul-sibling, Sam, by her side, Angel is determined to do all she can to protect the ones she loves.

At any cost.

Will she become strong enough to save Mother Earth and all her innocent creatures, ensuring the restoration of her biodiversity? Or will the Veins’ malevolent plan to destroy the one planet they all need to survive, Earth, overpower them all?

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