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ook 3 in the Campfire Series by Kez Wickham St George


Let’s begin this story with Tara as she sits in the comfort of the plush-seated theater in Cairns; she feels so much gratitude towards those who have been with her on this wild ride. However, she has no idea that a terrifying journey through the South Island of New Zealand is only twelve hours away. Or that the next two months of her life will be fraught with danger. Her safety threatened by a jealous partner she has finally said goodbye to, it seems he will not let go the relationship. Turning aggressive, Tara runs in fear of her safety. On her travels she finds herself snowbound with a stranger, Tanby, who claims she walks between the two worlds of shadows, guiding the lost and broken to a place of peace. When Tanby calls her a catalyst, and the word Scribe is whispered to her time and time again, fear trails Tara’s footsteps. Tara decides a bus tour of the South Island, Mt Cook her destination, is a better option than travelling on her own. Then she discovers her agent has booked her onto a cruise ship from Wellington city, New Zealand, to Bangkok. Life looks brighter. It is on this cruise ship she is humiliated and placed under arrest, yet the word Scribe continues to be whispered in her ear. The day arrives when she can no longer hide, Tara succumbs to the whisper of Scribe, her spirit lifting from her body, she is shown that in this life she was granted three wishes, to experience a true deep love, to experience a dysfunctional love and finally to experience the love of two minds meeting in the purest of friendships. Her Jouney as Scribe has begun.

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