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Scam at Five Mile Road

Jack Rhodes’ latest assignment seems straightforward. Investigate Link Industries’ Plymouth factory in Michigan, locate the company’s missing money, track for possible theft, and investigate the deaths of three men. The company’s current management says there’s a possible systems glitch, no stock is missing, and the deaths are tragic accidents, nothing more. But the company owner and Jack’s sometimes lover, Stella West, disagrees.

 Once he arrives at the facility, it’s clear not everyone is happy about his arrival. After a string of near misses, it is evident that someone wants him out of the picture and is not afraid to get their hands dirty.

 As Jack closes in on the culprit, he inadvertently places everyone he comes in contact with in danger. If he doesn’t get results fast, there’ll be more to lose than the factory and the people he cares for. This time, there won’t be any escape from the darkness within.

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