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PeeWii and the Tree

$28.95 inc. GST


“My mum thinks the word ‘tree’ is just a silly made-up word we gave them. She says they are magical, ancient beings, and that we could not live without them. If there were no trees, nothing would ever be the same again.”

Peewii and the Tree is a children’s picture book that teaches little ones the significance of trees. In this day and age, we have become obsessed with the man-made, losing touch with nature’s impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Nurturing a positive attitude toward trees in a child has the potential to leave a lasting impression, hopefully leading to the questioning of one’s impact on the environment. As a multi-published illustrator of over 15 years and a passionate landscape painter of these trees, I’ve decided to combine both passions as well as writing to create a tale of a little boy whose mother teaches him about the wonder, magic, and importance of the tree.


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