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Obsidian Souls

Book 2: The Victoria Collection

Set in the stunning region of the Western District, Noorat – Obsidian Souls : A Victoria Collection Novel.Samantha Storm can’t remember a time when she wasn’t in love with Maxwell Black, despite him telling her they could be nothing more than friends. When he returns home from Italy to Glenormiston South, she keeps her distance to protect herself from falling under his spell.

Just when she finds the strength to survive living in the same town with a man she still longs for, she’s thrust headfi rst into his world, right beneath his brooding, dark eyes that see all. Assigned to watch him and the decisions he makes as he chooses a path that could put them all in danger.

Maxwell Black has fought against the darkness within him his entire life. Born from Veins and raised by their mortal enemy, Soul Keepers, he was always reminded that he was less than the mighty Royal Souls – some kind of parasite. Returning to his childhood home in Noorat, he swears to protect those who have suf-fered in the war between Veins and Soul Keepers. Acting on a decision that will impact the world around him and everyone in it as he fights against the injustice his species have suff ered. Having Samantha Storm under his roof is an added complication he wasn’t prepared for as dark secrets from his past emerge, and an enemy he thought long dead, returns to destroy everything he holds dear.

Can mortal enemies work together to save Mother Earth? Or will greed, and prejudice forsake all?“…

Martin has done it again! Soul Keepers of Glenormiston South delivered everything you’d want from an urban fantasy romance: magic… hot sex… excellent plot twists… and now Obsidian Souls has joined the ranks of unputdownable reading! It captivated me with every page turned, the chemistry between characters is amazing… the outcome is brilliant!” – Kelly McDonald Garden Babies Fine Fairy Art/Portraits and Photography

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