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Messages: Volume 1

Mike has always wanted to tell stories. Possibly due to his Scottish/Irish Heritage. These stories have taken many forms; novels, short stories, poems, and spoken. They are now seeing the light of day via his publisher.

In his work as an independent contractor in the IT Industry, he has created businesses, owned a five-star game farm, a one-star pub, driven trucks for his horse transport business, worked for a gangster, made money, lost money and made it again.

He is a fisherman, a hunter, a surfer, a scuba-diver, a polocrosse player, a black belt karateka, a tournament fighter,

He has worked on every continent and every business sector.

He has been married three times, has five biological children, three step-children and eight grandchildren. They live in England, South Africa, Australia and China.

Mike now lives back in the land of his birth, Australia.

According to gossip, his super-power is to be annoying.

Matthew Mackay is a photographer who
has spent the last 4 years living and
travelling China.

Whilst working as a teacher he has
travelled the country extensively
doing amazing things such as going to
traditional Chinese New Year events,
seeing the countries amazing history
such as the terracotta warriors, visiting
the panda’s in Chengdu, traveling,
China’s Hawaii, Sanya and camping on
the great wall of China.

He uses his photography to capture
the day to day life of things we often
overlook. His work gives us a brief
moment to pause and see the beauty in
the nanoseconds of time.

$32.95 inc. GST


The son in China was
The father in the land of Oz
They shared what they were doing
What works they were accruing
Some poems the father had written

With photography, the son was smitten


Then a joint epiphany
It was serendipity
Put them in one book
How would that look?

One poem with one photo, they conceived
How would that be received?
They ran the idea past a Muse
Who said the work needed many hues
They did three
Just to see

Off to a Publisher, they went
To a Critic, their work was sent
They waited in trepidation
For the result of this examination

The Publisher and Critic liked what they did see
But said, must do fourty, not just three.
This they then did do
For them to review

Then a Cover Designer did supply
Something most pleasing to the eye

And here we are, not yet done
For yet, there is more to come
Volume II sits with poems, photos and themes
Volume III is full of dreams


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