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Mental Wealth

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Mental Wealth is a state of being. Creating an abundance of wealth emotionally, psychologically and healthily in mind. Achieving a life of meaning and purpose.

Designing the life that we want, and continuously building on our self-care and self-worth. Ensuring we maintain a daily routine and habits that build a mentally rich mindset.

It is in what we deposit into our mental wealth bank on a regular basis that allows us to create an abundance of tools such as resilience, wisdom, strength and understanding of self that we can draw from if needed when life gets tough, as it quite often does.

‘Happiness can not be pursued; it must ensue.’ Viktor Frankl

Featuring Authors: Emma Weaver, Chet Hirani, Geraldine Mc Grath, Rosey Keaney, Sinead Welsh, Sharon Mc Nulty Trevor Verner


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