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Mediation Beyond Covid

Mediating Beyond Covid: Hacks, Craics and Crocodile Tears

Navigating conflict is hard, it often takes up too much time and money, it reduces innovation and productively and impacts relationships and reputations. So, we avoid it.

In late 2019 COVID emerged, bringing with it a whole new set of problems, conflicts, and confusion that we all had to deal with. For leaders across disciplines, it required a different sort of response; they have had to develop the capacity to rise above the crisis and provide safe ways forward. Conflict didn’t go away, it changed and, in many instances, grew, with differences dividing workplaces, communities and families.

In 2020, a small group of mediators gathered on Zoom to share stories as they struggled to adapt, adjust, and survive whilst supporting people through conflict. Over a glass of gin, laughter and sometimes tears, we learnt a lot and I wanted to find a way to share our insights with others.

This collection brings together professionals across disciples who are experts in dealing with conflict, confusion, and change. From Mediators, Lawyers, HR, Marketing and Executives, they are sharing their insights to help you better manage the complexities of negotiation, conflict and problem solving.

We hope these real-life stories of gritty leadership and hard conversations, spiced with touch of humour, will make it easier to talk about conflict. We want to help you navigate this space with clarity, confidence, and some fun. So, pour yourself a gin and be prepared to discover that hard conversation don’t have to result in a fight. With a little preparation, some key skills and a growth mindset, peace is possible.

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