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Education involves teaching of facts, and learning about what is the truth, and what is not.

Indoctrination on the other hand involves influencing or brainwashing people to develop beliefs in certain ideas, methodologies, rules or policies, in a way that the person being indoctrinated develops a tendency to accept a given narrative without themselves curiously engaging in proper self-evaluation, self-reflection or self-examination to seek the facts.

In this book, Ron Malhotra attempts to discover if our educational and corporate institutions truly encourage education, or do they inadvertently engage in indoctrination?

Ron Malhotra is a multi-award-winning author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Over the last two decades, he has worked with thousands of professionals and has become acutely aware of an emerging pattern.

He observes that many institutionally educated professionals tend to pre-empt situations and are prone to unconsciously anchoring themselves to pre-conceived beliefs and assumptions, instead of taking a more creative or curious approach to their problems, in what he describes as modern-day indoctrination.

In this book, Ron sheds light on indoctrination and how, in our current educational and work institutions, we can tell if we are being taught what to think or how to think.

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