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Grounding: A Poetry Collection

Grounding: A Collection of Poems: The business of peace-making, culture and decision-making

“Take a moment to find your peace”

We are all of us busy, juggling 101 things … at home, at work and not to mention all the other things we do within our communities. It can be tough – even more so when you are dealing with the complexities of people, culture and decision-making. So often these are the spaces where conflict emerges.

It is during these times that it is so important to find your grounding – that space of clarity that helps you focus on making wise decisions. For me, writing poems is my way of reflecting and listening beyond the pain of conflict.

This coffee table book encourages you to find your own way to connect to your inner calm.

This place of grounding for each of us is different, but knowing who you are is that first step to holding this space. Through words and pictures, I take you on a deeply personal journey of land, culture and peace. The visuals take you from the coast to desert, across Northern Arnhem Land to West Kimberley and finishes in the green fields of Northern Ireland.

Find your peace. Find your grounding.

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