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Graffiti Lane: A Poetry Collection

Graffiti Lane looks at life through an unfiltered lens.


With unflinching honesty, Kelly Van Nelson offers an intensely personal perspective on the grittiness of urban living in an eclectic mix of traditional, shadow and freeform poetry. She fearlessly tackles issues of intimidation and discrimination, including playground and corporate bullying, domestic violence, marginalisation, gender inequity, mental health and suicide.


Yet while the writing is raw and the darker side of human nature is being exposed, there is an underlying sense of hope. The underdog is beaten down but not defeated and has the resilience to bounce back and rise again.


Kelly van Nelson is a Geordie fiction writer, wife, mother and managing director on the executive board of the world’s leading provider of staffing solutions. She is a fresh voice on the literary scene and one that demands to be heard.


Graffiti Lane is a powerful debut collection of poetry that will stir the spirit and speak to the heart.

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