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Genie Gems: Mission to Devon

A schoolgirl on a planet saver quest… An evil lord who wants to harm the environment and bring misery to all who live on the planet… Join Genie Gems on a rescue mission that will demand all her courage, the support of a loyal band of friends plus a touch of magic if she is to succeed in defeating Lord Darkly. His plan to poison the rivers is a serious threat to the environment in beautiful Devon and his Extreme Team of All Things Unclean will do all he asks of them to see this happen. Armed with her Sword of Truth and magic gems, Genie must find a way to put things right before it’s too late.

Accompanied by orphan dragon Derek and with a little help from gadget specialist Professor Widget and her friends, Genie has a challenging task: to defeat Lord Darkly and his monster assistants and reverse the effects of his powerful Apathy Ray on the community. Will she overcome the evil Lord and save the environment? An exciting adventure story with an important environmental message from Sarah, Duchess of York. ‘When compassion and wisdom return, harmony can again exist.’

Genie Gems: Mission to Devon is a chapter book suitable for readers aged 8-10 years old.

$16.95 inc. GST


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