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Genie Gems Meets Arthur Fantastic

Arthur the unicorn feels like an outsider in the meadow where the horses see only his difference and not his magnificence. They don’t believe in unicorns and magic and they haven’t smiled for so long they have forgotten how to. Sometimes Arthur is so lonely he wishes he were ordinary instead of special.There is only one thing for him to do – leave the meadow and go in search of ‘happy’. If he can bring ‘happy’ back to the grumpy horses, surely they will want him to join the herd.Arthur’s quest takes him deep into The Magic Forest where he encounters magical characters and makes new friends who each give him a special gift as he follows his dream. Will Genie Gems and her Sword of Truth help Arthur Fantastic combine the essence of the coloured ribbons to uncover their true meaning?

A delightful tale full of magic, wonder and whimsy from Sarah, Duchess of York, for children aged 6-8 years.

$14.95 inc. GST


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