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Deer Head

Can good men live in a bad world? Do bad men turn a good world grim?

In the golden age of the American Frontier, during an era of gangs and gunslingers, six companions travel together. Without homes and on the run, they try to survive in unforgiving lands. The Brute, a man who deserves to die but still keeps on living, spends his time hunting and camping alongside lesser fellows. His interactions with these troubled folk keeps old wounds fresh. But there’s a dread staining the air. A dread that follows the fleeing companions into the dead of night. A dread that promises to bring a terrible storm. A storm that threatens not only their lives, but also everything good and pure in their isolated world. The Brute has no choice but to keep on fighting back, at any cost.

A storm is coming. One watched by a rigid lighthouse, its beacon an empty shadow.

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