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$570 raised for charity

Therese Tarlinton

After partnering with Jeep, United Colors of Benetton, and Sesame Street, Therese built a global manufacturing company in her twenties. Collaborating locally to secure media coverage, distribution in David Jones, Target, and Big W plus a promotion with Huggies Nappies enabled her to turn over $1+million in her first year, before scaling to a global company.

After successfully selling her first company, Therese moved into ecommerce with $500m ASX listed company, Grays Commerce Group. She led partnerships and social revenue before moving into a General Manager role in their jewellery division – selling over $7 million worth of precious diamonds and gems nationally. Therese now works with the big brands collaborating with The Block, Selling Houses Australia, Three Birds Renovations, and identities like Shelley Craft to secure these high-profile brands a constant stream of content, build credibility, and grow sales. She is engaging, passionate speaker, mentor to women in small business, and ambassador for Inspiring Rare Birds.